Provision Debian 9 cloud image VM on Proxmox

Download Debian 9 cloud image (openstack)

Note: You should be able to substitute any cloud-init image in this guide such as Ubuntu Bionic.

On the proxmox host, run

cd ~

Create a vm that will be used to capture a template

qm create 1000 --name debian-cloud-image --memory 1024 --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0 --cores 1 --sockets 1 --cpu cputype=kvm64 --description "Debian 9 cloud-image" --kvm 1 --numa 1
qm importdisk 1000 debian-9-openstack-amd64.qcow2 local-lvm
qm set 1000 --scsihw virtio-scsi-pci --scsi0 local-lvm:vm-1000-disk-0
qm set 1000 --ide2 local-lvm:cloudinit
qm set 1000 --boot c --bootdisk scsi0
qm set 1000 --serial0 socket --vga serial0
# Convert to a template
qm template 1000

Note: The vmid (1000) and storage locations (local-lvm) can be changed to suit your needs

Creating a VM from our template

qm clone 1000 101 --name vmtest
qm set 101 --name vmtest
qm set 101 --net0 model=virtio,bridge=vmbr0
qm set 101 --ipconfig0 ip=,gw=
qm set 123 --sshkey ~/.ssh/
qm set 101 --onboot 1
qm start 101

Creating a VM from our template with Terraform

If you happen to need to accomplish this with Terraform I’ve got you covered.

resource "proxmox_vm_qemu" "vm" {
  name        =
  target_node = "proxmox"
  clone       = "debian-cloud-image"

  disk {
    id       = 0
    size     = 2
    type     = "virtio"
    iothread = true
    storage  = "vdisk"
    storage_type = "lvm"

  ssh_user  = "root"
  ipconfig0 = "ip=,gw="
  sshkeys   = <<EOF
  ssh-rsa public key for ssh

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