Farmville Bot BETA 1.1.0



Setting up is pretty simple, first click the farm button in the navigation and login. Once you get to your farm the program should configure your screen and stretch the client. Once loaded go to settings, and Click "Display/Edit Crop Locations". Now click on your first crop. If "Helpful Crop Placement" is checked the cursor will automatically move to the next crop below the one clicked.

Remember when planting, to go to the market and buy your specified crop before 'clicking'.

Tips and Tricks

When placing animals, make sure there are no trees behind or infront of them. Make sure the pink jewel will be visible every time it is ready to collect. Otherwise the automtic collecting will not work.

Sometimes your farm will load, and your screen will not be centered, instead of reloading, just visit a neighbor and come back home.

Dealing with the "Game is out of sync" error can be tricky. If you get the sync error when harvesting, just 'click' again, now half of your crops will be plowed, and half need to be plowed, make sure you select the plow tool before continuing. If you have some crops that need planting, some that need plowing, and others that need harvesting, split the operations up, start with plowing, select the plow tool and 'click'. Once that is finished plant by going to the market and buying your specified crop and 'click'. Now you can do normal operations to harvest and replant the rest of your farm.

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