Farmville Fiddler Plugin



Install Fiddler and drop "Farmville Fiddler Plugin.dll" into your scripts folder. Start up Fiddler and check the Farmville Settings Spoofer in the tools menu.

Changed Settings

Initial Value Final Value
maxZoom="2" maxZoom="2.31"
defaultZoom = "2.00" defaultZoom = "0.33"
zoomStep="0.5" zoomStep="0.33"
harvestTime="1" harvestTime="0.00000001"
plowTime="1" plowTime="0.00000001"
plantTime="1" plantTime="0.00000001"
walkSpeed="120" walkspeed="0.0000000120"
idleMissionTime = "600" idleMissionTime = "6000000000"
giftingRedirectFromPlayTimeout="14400" giftingRedirectFromPlayTimeout="144000000000"
hideGiftNotifyTimeout="14400" hideGiftNotifyTimeout="0.000000014400"
inviteRedirectFromPlayTimeout="3600" inviteRedirectFromPlayTimeout="36000000000"
flowerFriendRewardTimeLimit="43200" flowerFriendRewardTimeLimit="432000000000"
<sizeX>4</sizeX> <sizeX>1</sizeX>
<sizeY>4</sizeY> <sizeY>1</sizeY>


Use this at your own risk. I am warning you now that you WILL be caught if you use this. It is blatantly obvious to anyone who visits your farm that you are cheating. Zynga can and most likely will start detecting this soon. They will probably ban everyone who has used it.

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